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Rise in U.K. Rented Properties Signals Increased Need for Accurate and Regular Inspections

The number of rented properties in the U.K. is on the rise for younger generations, making property inspections an imperative.
ABC Property Shop uses the Imfuna inventory report app to produce their property inspection reports

Imfuna Case Study: ABC Property Shop

This Liverpool property management company updated the way they collect and store property data.

Imfuna Free Infographic: Repairs and Proptech

In September Fixflo released The Fixflo Report 2017, which was based on a survey of property and lettings professionals. We share some of the findings in this free infographic.

U.K. Government Tightening Grip on Agency Fees

Government officials announced on 18 October that they plan to tighten the grip on property managers across the country, increasing the pressure on agency staff to find alternative ways to account for the fees they charge to tenants.