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Imfuna Named Top 100 Proptech Brand

Imfuna has been named one of the Top 100 Proptech Brands by Onalytica.

Long time Imfuna client Onsite Property Management picks up top industry award.

Onsite – awarded “Best Independent Inventory Company – UK” in the 2016 Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards.

The Time for Proptech is Now

2017 is the year of proptech. Read more to find out how it will get there.
How can construction professionals use proptech to set themselves apart from the competition?

Smart Homes Need Smart Builders

In a saturated market, construction professionals need ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd, and proptech may be the answer.
Are millennials the key to proptech, or property technology, in property rentals?

Mining Millennials in Property Rentals

What barriers to proptech exist in rented accommodation? They could be far less than in other property sectors due in large part to a specific demographic: […]
How much do consumers require a human connection when purchasing a home?

Is Emotion Holding Back Proptech in Home Sales?

If proptech presents a huge potential advantage to the stressful process of purchasing a home, why do lettings agents, mortgage lenders, and more in the industry […]
Imfuna Gives its Best Advice for Survey Reports and Inventory Reports

Picture-Perfect Photos for Surveys and Property Inspections

Using detailed photographs in your property reports is one of the pillars of having a high-quality, reliable, professional product to offer to your clients. Here are […]
Imfuna's case study focuses on Monks Estate and Letting Agents, located in both Shrewsbury and Wem, and how they've implemented Imfuna's property inspection and inventory report app, Imfuna Let, into their business.

Imfuna Case Study: Monks Estate and Letting Agents

Monks Estate and Lettings Agents were looking for a property inventory report software to save time, increase the transparency of their inspection reports, as well as […]

Imfuna Spotlight: Vivien Marks

We focus our spotlight on Vivien Marks, joint partner of the Assessment and Training Centre for Estate Agents in Cape Town. We asked her for her […]
Do your inventory and inspection reports have these necessary details?

Four Crucial Details Missing from Most Inventory Reports

Inventory reporting may seem like a straightforward process, but there are a few simple steps that are often overlooked by both in-house inventory teams as well […]
Imfuna's proptech insights to the industry in 2016.

2016 Proptech Year in Review

Here are just a few areas of proptech that really rocked the boat in 2016.
Imfuna, the original disruptors in inspection reports

Starting the Proptech Fire

Certain individuals have successfully disrupted the proptech market. One of those individuals is Jax Kneppers, who improved the market – and in a big way.