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Jax Kneppers of Imfuna scores top marks at the AACE International Conference in Toronto, June 2016

Jax Kneppers Gets Top Marks at AACE International Conference

Imfuna Property Sharing

Protecting Airbnb Property with an Imfuna Inspection Inventory Report

Protecting your Property in the Airbnb Age

Cost of Moving

Imfuna Transcription

Property Damage and Disputes

Justin Fletcher – How Imfuna has Helped Us

Imfuna: Some landlords delay fixing repairs due to a tax break

Landlords Delay Repairs Due to Tax Break

Long time Imfuna client Onsite Property Management picks up top industry award.

Onsite – awarded “Best Independent Inventory Company – UK” in the 2016 Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards.
Which is better, to produce your inventory reports in house or outsource them to and independent inventory clerk?

In House vs Outsourced Inventories.

Howard Lester, Director of Balgores Property Group comments on the importance of inventories and the benefits of using Imfuna Let.