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Go Big or Go Home

A picture is worth a thousand words. And with Imfuna's property inspection bulk photo import feature, you can upload thousands of photos at a time (if you really want to)!

Imfuna works best when all property inspection info is gathered from within the app, so we always recommend using your smartphone or tablet's built-in camera to take photos during your inspection. However, we know that's not always possible. And hey, that’s OK! Imfuna users have the ability to import multiple photos from their computer using our drag-and-drop feature in the online Imfuna Report Publisher.

Here's how you do it:

To import photos from your computer to the Imfuna Report Publisher, first make sure you have transferred the photos from the outside device (digital camera, secondary mobile, etc.) to your desktop computer or laptop. Next, using your computer’s browser, open the desired inspection on the Imfuna Report Publisher, go to the space or item to which you want to add the photos, and click "+ADD PHOTO". You will see a nice, inviting box that says “Drag and Drop images here. Alternatively Click here”. You can choose to drag and drop photos directly into the box, or click anywhere in the box to manually locate the photos on your computer.

If any photos end up in the wrong spot, simply drag and drop them into the correct place. Abracadabra*! Just like magic, your photos are integrated into your inspection data and you are off and away to the promised land of a sparkling new report. (*Speed of abracadabra will depend on the speed of your internet connection and computer's processing speed. Imfuna does not actually use magic.)

Bulk photo importing is just one of the many ways Imfuna makes your life easier.

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    Very nice style and design and fantastic subject material :-D.

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