Imfuna Rent is a mobile property inspection app and software for digital property management rentals

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  • Imfuna is an impressive tool for recording inventory data through a choice of templates, then editing and creating reports. The team at Imfuna have been brilliant at guiding me through step by step. It’s great to be able to customise your reports to your own brand and have the tenants comment/sign electronically.
  • Imfuna support staff are always thoroughly helpful - any issues, queries, or requests are always skillfully satisfied without fail. Perfect support staff, knowledgeable technical staff together with great software, all making an ideal business tool. Love it! Many thanks to all.
  • Imfuna Let has provided the perfect inventory system for our busy property management business. After trying 4 other systems, Imfuna Let was recommended to me by numerous happy customers, and it has been an absolute pleasure to use.
  • Imfuna is simply the best tool I have used in conducting my check-ins and check-outs. There is nothing simpler and more fun to use. The app comes loaded with many features which make inventories so effective and successful. I could not think of using anything else when it comes to conducting my inventories.
  • I couldn't do my job without Imfuna. The support throughout the team is brilliant!
    Amanda Hobbs
    Inventory Manager
    Hornet Inventory Services
  • Imfuna is an absolutely brilliant platform to conduct property reports, but it wouldn't be half as useful if it wasn't for the superb customer service that comes along with it.  Imfuna is a fantastically effective and easy-to-use product.
  • Brings incredible efficiency and accuracy to a process which has historically been inefficient and fraught with error.  
    Jax Kneppers

    JKA Construction Consultants
  • Natalie and the team are always very happy to assist! 5 stars - keep up the good work!
  • We get quite a few positive comments on how good the finished reports look, and from what we've seen from other software programmes, Imfuna's does look the best in our opinion. We're really happy using Imfuna, thanks for providing such a fantastic software!
  • We researched a lot of companies and we found Imfuna had everything we wanted within an inventory company. And the benefits and features they offered were more than we hoped for.
  • The Imfuna software makes it easy for the clerks to perform the inventories, which speeds up the whole process for us to analyse the data and therefore distribute it to our students. I would definitely recommend Imfuna to other accommodation companies.
  • Imfuna provides us a detailed, real-time document that both we the agent and the tenant can feel confident in: it is thorough and outlines perfectly a property's inventory. Imfuna has certainly raised the agency standard for inventory detail which ultimately helps us avoid any disputes, as now everything is more clear and concise with no wriggle room!
  • Fantastic help and service, best customer support I have ever had in relation to a system that we use. Thank you so much.
  • Inspections are one of the most daunting and tedious pieces of paperwork we have to do in our job, in my opinion at least. And for the FIRST TIME EVER, I’m actually enjoying doing them! I couldn’t wait to get stuck back into things today on the Imfuna program. Playing, changing and adding...
  • Typing and editing a home inspection report used to take a considerable amount of time until I started using IMFUNA home inspection software. Being able to completely edit and send my report shortly after the home inspection is done is amazing. IMFUNA has significantly reduced my time and stress of generating a quality report for my clients and/or realtors. Great customer service, support and customization of reports for your home inspection business - 5 stars.
  • I was initially a little reluctant to get started on this new way of working due to a habit and fear of new technology. However, once I started to use the system, I can only say that it has transformed my week...
    I no longer have to work nights and weekends, and all reports are completed for the client within 24-48 hours, rather than the usual 5 working days.
    I would thoroughly recommend the system to other Surveyors.
    Andrew Chinn MRICS
    Environ Property Consultants


Any single inventory or inspection starts at R 23.00

Publish all the flowing reports types as needed at no additional cost:

• Single reports
• Side-by-side comparisons
• Condition
• Flagged
• Trade
• Arbitration


Free up to:

500 MB data processing
15 minutes of auto-transcription
14 days of User Experience

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Define Your Subscription
to Match Your Business Needs

Bulk purchase discount built in • No set term • Upgrade and downgrade monthly

Enter your estimated monthly requirements:
Your monthly data processing plan
0-0.49 GB per month
R 1760 / GB
0.5-2.99 GB per month
R 1540 / GB
3 GB+ per month
R 1320 / GB
R XX / month based on your estimate
Your monthly dictation auto-transcribed plan
0-249 min.
R 16.50 / min.
250-749 min.
R 15.40 / min.
750+ min.
R 13.20 / min.
R XX / month based on your estimate
You will be charged this amount every month until you cancel. If you use more than this amount in a month you will be charged for the overage at the start of the next month, or when you cancel. Unused amounts are not carried over to the next period. All inspections incur a R 23.00 minimum data processing fee. Pay-as-you-go available for a premium to conduct individual inventories / inspections. Fee varies according to inspection size.


You can predefine typical property templates (studio, 1 bedroom unit, 2 bedroom single family) so that the content you want to capture is ready to complete in the field from your mobile device. The template environment is very flexible and completely customisable to create any report type.

Imfuna app for smartphones and tablets

Side-by-Side Comparison Reports

Conduct side-by-side comparison inspections right on your mobile device and generate side-by-side comparison reports on the web and published reports. All prior inspection data will be presented on the mobile device with full photos, typed notes, transcribed dictations, and item conditions.

Imfuna smartphone to published PDF report

Imfuna published PDF report

Customise Report Format

One size does not fit all business needs! A suite of report customisation features are available for you to create custom reports to reinforce your brand and grow your business. Control content, layout, branding, and file sizes with ease. Manage one or more report layouts for both property condition reports and side-by-side comparison reports. Save different styles by customer, local authority, or report type. Add a flagged item addendum or create stand-alone report.

Digital Collaboration

After publishing your report, you will be provided with a link to automatically open the PDF file. Alternatively, you can download the published report to your computer. All your property inspection information can be shared online two ways: You can email the link of any published report you create to an unlimited number of recipients, or you can invite by email anyone you wish to collaborate on the property information. This enables all parties involved in the home inspection process to review and comment online on any portion of the property inspection information. Comments are date/time stamped and can be presented in an arbitration report layout if needed.

Imfuna digital collaboration via email link


The rentals field operates 24/7/365, and the Imfuna transcription team has that covered. Our transcribers are based worldwide, providing you round-the-clock coverage for your auto transcription. Your dictations will be typed within 6 hours, and most come back to you within 90 minutes. With an accuracy rate of over 99% they will be ready for your finished report.

Imfuna transcription for voice notes