Transcription Services


How Imfuna Began

Imfuna started in San Francisco as an answer to an industry need: a streamlined app that could collect on-site information about a property or construction site and convert it into a polished, professional report. Imfuna has continued to grow each year since its inception to its current suite of apps, which are currently used in the US, UK, and South Africa.

One of the pillars of Imfuna’s success has been an in-house transcription service that offers clients lightning-fast turnaround with exceptional accuracy. Imfuna is now making its transcription service available to outside mobile apps via an API to allow other companies to utilize the efficiency it offers.

Why Use


in your App?

Transcribed dictations are the most accurate and efficient way available today to capture information. When used in Imfuna's property inspection apps, dictation has been proven to save our clients up to 75% of time it takes to produce a finished report, based on legacy practices. By using transcription, you can increase the built-in value of your app to your clients, differentiate your company from your competitors, and add a paradigm of convenience for your users. In addition, you can generate an additional income stream by adding a premium above Imfuna's rate per minute.

The Imfuna Transcription Services Difference

Transcription Lead
Our dedicated transcription lead provides training, coaching, and real-time feedback to our transcribers while they type - a key differentiator in the transcription field.

Quality Assurance
We review every piece of text that comes through and edit them when necessary, providing a two-pass quality check from transcriber to transcription lead in order to ensure an accurate and consistent product.

Dedicated Support
Our customer service team regulary exceeds industry standards and is available via phone, email, or Skype.

Short Audio Focus
While most transcription companies focus on long files, Imfuna Transcription Services targets brief, on-site notes. Imfuna transcribers are experts in deciphering and punctuating short-length dictations.

An Added Feature for your Customers,
A Benefit for your Business

There are no fees, no subscriptions, or hidden costs with Imfuna Transcription Services. Imfuna never sees your customers’ data or payment information, other than the information you provide to us as an identifier for reference and tracking (typically an e-mail or username).

How to Integrate

Our dedicated Imfuna engineers will assist you throughout the entire process of integrating with our service, including an easy-to-use testing platform to ensure Imfuna Transcription Services work correctly into your app before it goes live. Our engineers will also be on hand to provide ongoing support after Imfuna's transcription is up and running.

To get started, please CLICK HERE to message one of our support specialists. You will receive a reply within 2 business days containing simple instructions detailing the API integration with code for your engineering team to begin the process. The integration process is quick, streamlined, and straightforward.

Should you have any questions throughout the integration process, please feel free to contact us at

A Proven Track Record:
Experience You Can Count On


Imfuna transcribed over 136,000 minutes over the last 2 years while still exceeding industry turnaround times and accuracy rates


Imfuna Transcription Services' current average turnaround time is just over 2 hours, setting the bar for the entire transcription industry


Imfuna Transcription Services' accuracy rate is over 99% which is accomplished by our two-pass quality assurance check, starting with the transcribers and moving to our live transcription lead

Global Coverage

Our transcribers are located throughout the globe on 6 continents, meaning 24 hour coverage for your audio