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Property Inspection Reports

Design, Create & Share Reports Easily

Imfuna™ gives you the ability to conduct the most in-depth property inspections from a mobile app, then transform your findings into beautiful, customised reports for your projects.


RPSA Report Templates at Your Fingertips

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Building Survey

Ensure comprehensive property assessments with our Building Survey Template, equivalent to RICS Level 3, designed for detailed evaluations that uphold the highest industry standards.

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Snagging Reports

Identify and address construction defects effectively with our Snagging Reports, designed to ensure new builds meet quality standards and safeguard homeowner investments.

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Home Condition Survey

Deliver thorough and reliable home inspections with our Home Condition Survey, tailored for precise assessments and enhancing buyer confidence.

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Buy To Let Surveys

Optimise your investment with our Buy To Let Surveys, specifically crafted to assess rental properties and maximise your return on investment.

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Master RPSA Inspections with Imfuna

Highlight details in pictures — so even complex ideas just click. Our real-time feedback and simple explanations make learning efficient.

Unlock Powerful Inspection Tools


Photos & Annotations

Easily mark up photos with draw tools and comments.


Accommodation Matrix

See all your buildings at a glance for quick access to reports.


Floorplan Pinpoints

Add pointers to floorplans to highlight notable areas.


Dictation & Transcription

Take voice recordings in the field for professional transcribing.



Create report notes and site notes directly in the app.


Smart Notes

Use pre-set notes and customise for you particular project.


GPS Data

Tag photos in real-time with accurate geo-locations.


Bespoke Phrases

Leverage Rapid Text to save time on popular or re-usable phrases.

Create Your First Inspection With Imfuna

Whether you’re a complete beginner or ready to dive into RICS Level 3 and beyond, Imfuna app makes it easy to level up.

Web App


Master RPSA Reports with Imfuna™

As an approved partner of RICS, our reports are designed to uphold the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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Unlock Powerful Reporting Tools


Edit Inspection Data

Retrospectively edit data before pulling details into your reports.


Comments & Signatures

Easily collaborate with your team or clients for edits and approvals.



See all projects at a glance in your reporting dashboard.


Foundational Logic

Take voice recordings in the field for professional transcribing.


Custom Email Templates

Create on-brand emails to send reports, speeding up delivery.


Team Management

Manage permissions and user access for accountability.



Schedule inspections and reports for transparency across team calendars.


Survey Booker

Effortlessly connect with Survey Booker, to streamline the process.

Powerful Features to Unlock Epic Inspections

Imfuna™ gives anyone the ability to record the most in-depth property inspection data, and to gather and store data into beautiful reports for your properties.

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Geo-Reference Images

Automatically capture GPS-reference data on every image, ensuring accurate location information is included.

Data Pins & Drawings

Same content provided as above. Needs unique content here but unsure of the exact requirements – is this to leave notes at pin-dropped areas?

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Survey Booker Integration

Integrate directly with Survey Booker to streamline the surveying process – choose to send reports directly to customers or notify them when reports are ready.

Want to See More?

Intrigued by Imfuna™ but want to see more? Sign up for a live demo of our inspection and report generation software today.

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