Set Your Subscription to Match Your Business Needs

Option 1: Fixed Monthly Subscription

Bulk purchase discounts built in

Imfuna App for Smarphones and Tablets

  1. This model allows unlimited users. Each user must have an individual login.
  2. Each Imfuna Let subscription has an allocated monthly data quota based on fair usage terms. Your data usage will be evaluated monthly. If data usage exceeds Imfuna Let averages by 10% Imfuna can apply a prorated surcharge.
  3. The Imfuna Let Fixed Price Subscription Model is based on the following averages:
    1. Inspection Type           Photo Count     Dictation Minutes
      Inventory                     200                      15
      Mid-term                     30                        0
      Check-out                    50                        5
    2. This equates to the following Data Processing limits:

      Tier                              Annually          Per Month
      Bronze                         6 gb                    0.137 gb
      Silver                           8 gb                    0.684 gb
      Gold                            20 gb                   1.708 gb
      Platinum                v    40 gb                   3.417 gb

    3. Additional properties over your plan’s limit will be added to your bill in arrears calculated on the day your subscription payment is due. The price per property will be charged at the current rate determined by your Plan.
  4. Content added on the web platform, post inspection, will be charged against the subscription data allowance.
  5. Auto-transcription of dictated notes by Imfuna is available at an extra cost, as listed on the Imfuna Let web page Subscription Calculator section
  6. You may cancel your account at any time. All of your content will be deleted from the Service within 90 days of cancellation unless you advise Imfuna to retain the content with an associated storage fee. This information cannot be recovered once your account is removed. You are responsible for downloading and backing up all of your data prior to cancellation.
  7. All rights reserved. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of the Application, Documentation, Reports, visual design elements or concepts without express written permission from Imfuna. The design, report templates and user interface of the Service is copyright.


Imfuna App for Smarphones and Tablets

Option 2: Flexible Top-Up Model

Bulk purchase discounts built in • No set term • No contract to sign • Upgrade and modify as needed • Purchases never expire

Enter your estimated monthly requirements:
Your monthly data top-up plan
0-0.49 GB per month
£80 / GB
0.5-2.99 GB per month
£70 / GB
3 GB+ per month
£60 / GB
£XX / month based on your estimate
Your monthly transcription top-up plan
0-249 min.
£0.75 / min.
250-749 min.
£0.70 / min.
750+ min.
£0.60 / min.
£XX / month based on your estimate
No set term. No contract to sign. Upgrade and modify top-up as needed. Purchases never expire. Volume purchase discounts built in. Select your top-up amounts that drive the frequency of the top-ups. Select between automatic or manual top-up. All inspections incur a £1.00 minimum data processing fee. Pay-as-you-go available for a premium fee to conduct individual inventories/ inspections. PAYG report fee varies based on data processing used and optional Imfuna transcription.