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Imfuna's inventory app is proptech at its finest

How to sell proptech

What are the essentials things proptech companies must focus their sales and marketing efforts on to sell to the property industry?
beach and sea

Imfuna Case Study: Simon’s Story

Simon’s Story A lover of stories of sea adventures as a boy, his adult life had seen him wading into the world of letting properties. Before […]
Historical Building

Imfuna Case Study: Leonard Property Group

Leonard Property Group Across the United Kingdom, high-end property has been transformed due to the Leonard Property Group. The business plan sounds simple. Locate historic buildings […]

Will the Proptech Bubble Burst in 2018?

Is there any room left for more property technology companies in 2018?
Use Imfuna's app on a mobile smartphone or tablet for property inventory reports

Rise in U.K. Rented Properties Signals Increased Need for Accurate and Regular Inspections

The number of rented properties in the U.K. is on the rise for younger generations, making property inspections an imperative.
ABC Property Shop uses the Imfuna inventory report app to produce their property inspection reports

Imfuna Case Study: ABC Property Shop

This Liverpool property management company updated the way they collect and store property data.

Imfuna Free Infographic: Repairs and Proptech

In September Fixflo released The Fixflo Report 2017, which was based on a survey of property and lettings professionals. We share some of the findings in […]

U.K. Government Tightening Grip on Agency Fees

Government officials announced on 18 October that they plan to tighten the grip on property managers across the country, increasing the pressure on agency staff to […]

Time Saving Success for Imfuna Clients

Does proptech actually offer time savings? And, if so, what does that mean for a business’ bottom line?
How will young surveyors and technology or proptech play a role in the surveying profession as a whole?

Saving Surveying with Millennials and Tech

Can the surveying profession survive without increased recruitment efforts and property technology adoption?

Imfuna Sponsors RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year 2017 Award

Imfuna is sponsoring the RICS Matrics Young Surveyor of the Year 2017 award on 17 November, London.
The legality of electronically signing a document depends on the type

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding in South Africa?

Find out whether e-signatures will hold up in a South African court of law.
How can the industry use property technology to prevent an incident like the Grenfell Tower disaster from happening again?

What can proptech teach us in the wake of the Grenfell disaster?

How can property technology be applied to prevent a similar disaster to Grenfell Tower?
We look at whether highly qualified property professionals sometimes put their education before the quality of service they deliver to customers

When Qualification Comes Before Service

Do higher levels of education always equate with an improved quality of service?

Before Smart Cities Can Walk the Walk, They Need to Talk the Talk

The call to action has been made, but before these can be fully embraced and integrated into current construction, existing structures will need to be “plugged […]
Part of keeping Imfuna's customers happy is ensuring we are as cost-effective as possible.

Saving Your Clients Money Will Make You A Better Business

We look at how proactively providing cost savings for your customers intrinsically improves your business model.

The Smart Agent: Letting Fee Ban [White Paper]

If letting agents are to survive the fee ban, they must take action.

Smartphone Entrepreneurs: The New Self-Made Person

How the gig economy is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs.
Imfuna is a proud member of the RICS Tech Affiliate Program (TAP)

Imfuna’s Karl Lewis and Michael Wolter Interviewed at RICS Tech Affiliate Program Launch

At the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) Tech Affiliate Program launch in April, Karl Lewis, UK sales manager, lettings, and Michael Wolter, content marketing specialist, […]
Use Imfuna Let to safeguard student housing against unlawful practices

Saving Students’ Contents from Harrowing Housing Horrors

The one thing students must do to safeguard themselves and their contents from student housing horrors.

Imfuna Case Study: Bellvue Student Houses

Student housing can present both a blessing and a curse when it comes to managing multiple properties, but Bellvue Student Houses come out on top.
Going green can be a huge benefit for a business' bottom line

The Surprising Business Benefits of Going Green

How going green provides huge benefits for business

The Wild, Untamed Android Jungle

Android devices present a formidable challenge when trying to build a one-app-fits-all design. What is it about Android mobile devices that keeps Android software developers on […]

Imfuna Spotlight: Sarah Goddard

This Imfuna Spotlight shines on Sarah Goddard, partner at EZ Property Reports. We Sarah how EZ source top-notch inventory clerks, the role of women in leadership, […]
Leaders must have the courage to embrace new technology and drive business to the next level

The Time for Proptech is Now

2017 is the year of proptech. Read more to find out how it will get there.

Smart Homes Need Smart Builders

In a saturated market, construction professionals need ways to differentiate themselves from the crowd, and proptech may be the answer.
Are millennials the key to proptech, or property technology, in property rentals?

Mining Millennials in Property Rentals

What barriers to proptech exist in rented accommodation? They could be far less than in other property sectors due in large part to a specific demographic: […]
How much do consumers require a human connection when purchasing a home?

Is Emotion Holding Back Proptech in Home Sales?

If proptech presents a huge potential advantage to the stressful process of purchasing a home, why do lettings agents, mortgage lenders, and more in the industry […]

Picture-Perfect Photos for Surveys and Property Inspections

Using detailed photographs in your property reports is one of the pillars of having a high-quality, reliable, professional product to offer to your clients. Here are […]

Imfuna Case Study: Monks Estate and Letting Agents

Monks Estate and Lettings Agents were looking for a property inventory report software to save time, increase the transparency of their inspection reports, as well as […]

Imfuna Spotlight: Vivien Marks

We focus our spotlight on Vivien Marks, joint partner of the Assessment and Training Centre for Estate Agents in Cape Town. We asked her for her […]
Here are crucial details that are missing from most property inventories and inspection reports

Four Crucial Details Missing from Most Inventory Reports

Inventory reporting may seem like a straightforward process, but there are a few simple steps that are often overlooked by both in-house inventory teams as well […]

2016 Proptech Year in Review

Here are just a few areas of property technology, or proptech, that really rocked the boat in 2016.

Imfuna Named Top 100 Proptech Brand

Imfuna, maker of property inventory and inspection software, has been named one of the Top 100 Proptech Brands by Onalytica.
Imfuna, the original disruptors in inspection reports

Starting the Proptech Fire

Certain individuals have successfully disrupted the proptech market. One of those individuals is Jax Kneppers, who improved the property management software market – and in a […]
Screenshot of Imfuna app showing stranded travelers in the African wilderness, but also showing their geographical coordinates which eventually led rescuers to them

Imfuna App Rescues Stranded Travelers in Rural Africa

Imfuna Slider

Space-saving hotel room models will soon be applied to the apartment rental scene

Hotel Model Applied to Private Rental Sector

Imfuna Adding Costs

Proptech, the marriage of property and technology, has begun to take hold in South Africa

Proptech in South Africa

Providing an up-to-date look at the proptech scene in the South Africa property industry.
The UK has left the EU, but what does that mean for inventory companies and independent inventory clerks?

How Can Inventory Companies Expand Amidst Brexit Uncertainty?

Imfuna can help inventory companies and independent inventory clerks alike during and uncertain future with Brexit.

Imfuna Change User

Jax Kneppers of Imfuna scores top marks at the AACE International Conference in Toronto, June 2016

Jax Kneppers Gets Top Marks at AACE International Conference

Imfuna Property Sharing

Protecting Airbnb Property with an Imfuna Inspection Inventory Report

Protecting your Property in the Airbnb Age

Cost of Moving

Imfuna Transcription

Property Damage and Disputes

Justin Fletcher – How Imfuna has Helped Us

Imfuna: Some landlords delay fixing repairs due to a tax break

Landlords Delay Repairs Due to Tax Break

Long time Imfuna client Onsite Property Management picks up top industry award.

Onsite – awarded “Best Independent Inventory Company – UK” in the 2016 Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards.
Which is better, to produce your inventory reports in house or outsource them to and independent inventory clerk?

In House vs Outsourced Inventories.

Howard Lester, Director of Balgores Property Group comments on the importance of inventories and the benefits of using Imfuna Let.
There are different definitions of this commonly used term in inventory and inspection reports, so what exactly is fair wear and tear?

What, Exactly, is Fair Wear and Tear?

The most common dispute between tenants and landlords is cleaning, which can be settled with a thorough inventory inspection report by Imfuna

Cleaning Disputes Up Almost 50% Over The Last Five Years

Cleaning Disputes Up Almost 50% Over The Last Five Years

Imfuna’s Integration Partners

Imfuna Auto-Send Data

Imfuna Merge

Imfuna is the Best Digital Inventory Inspection App

Time to Tech Action

Inventory and inspection reports must utilize digital trends to keep pace with the market

Viva Let Revolution

Imfuna Inventory and Inspection Reports

Are You Going to Go My Way?

The City of London will be inundated with many short-term dwellers, prime time to use inventory and inspection app Imfuna

On your Marks, Get Set, Let

Imfuna Helps to Solve Tenant-Landlord Disputes, Saving Money for Both Sides

Tenants Cry Foul Over Deposit Deductions

The National Approved Letting Scheme and Imfuna

Imfuna Takes Mission to Democratise the Inventory Process to the NALS Letting Conference

Imfuna's app can be used for student lettings to safeguard everything in the property

Letting it Right – How to Rent at University Safely

Imfuna Mobile Inventory Inspection Reports Utilize Mobile Technology

Using New Technology for Inventories

In order to avoid a court battle, use Imfuna's app and web-based platform to insure both parties

Avoiding a Dispute

Imfuna uses Apple and Android app to produce property inventory reports

Imfuna Inventory-Taking iPhone App

Imfuna Let offers an all-digital method of performing inventory inspection reports with a smartphone or tablet app

Using New Technology to do Inventories

Agents Resist Technology Investment

Despite advances in technology, some lettings agents are still slow to adopt smartphone and tablet apps such as Imfuna Let

Letting Agents Resist Investment in Technology

New Inventory Solution Launched

Inventory Tool Offers ‘Pivotal’ Breakthrough

Imfuna App for Smartphone or Tablet, Apple or Android, Also Using a Web-Based Software Platform

New digital inventory system can be done on a phone