Historical buildings present owners/ landlords with a special set of challenges not least of all;

* Special materials and finishes
* Disabled access
* Inefficient or dated mechanical and electrical systems
* Life safety
* Limitations related to Jurisdictional/ Historical Regulations
* Adopting for modern use/ tenancy occupation


Landlords, Property Managers, Tenants share a pool of challenges with interests that may be aligned or in conflict with each other.

Imfuna can help manage risk for all parties.

Imfuna is the tool of choice for thousands of properties globally. Key features that our users rely on include;

* Ability to accurately record pre tenancy conditions.
* Generate multiple report formats from single input- Condition, Snag List, Trade Repair reports, Life Cycle, related cost, priority listing, building systems reports, life safety, scheduled maintenance etc.
* Access to selected users from cloud based environment
* Create a record of existing buildings including restoration projects.
* Combine project records and reference materials in a single data base.
* Link all collected information to your existing management software automatically.

Manage your risk with the transparency and professional reporting that Imfuna offers.