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What is PropTech? And How It Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry?

Technology continues to disrupt traditional industries around the world. The property/ real estate market is no exception. As the world’s population grows, the need and demand for housing continue to surge, opening up countless opportunities for professionals. This demand has also increased the need for greater proficiency in the designing, constructing, operating and maintaining of properties through their lifecycle.

This gave birth to a relatively new phenomenon called Property Tech, or PropTech. Even though there are thousands of PropTech companies worldwide, awareness is still lacking in the real estate field. Among such companies are Imfuna, a PropTech company that provides next-gen real estate software solutions that cater to a range of real estate processes, including surveying, renting, and construction inspecting. This article will talk about the phenomenon of PropTech, its benefits, and how Imfuna is revolutionizing the real estate industry with its cutting-edge products. Let’s begin.

What Is Property Tech?

PropTech is an umbrella term that serves a range of individuals, including real estate professionals, landlords, developers, property managers, and more. It serves to combine cutting-edge technology with the age-old industry of real estate, and its purpose is to provide ease of access, convenience, and comfortability to users, from property surveys and buying to renting and constructing.

PropTech gained traction after the novel coronavirus pandemic. As the world turned further towards technology, investors saw a great opportunity in property technology, and that’s where things started to pick up for PropTech. The future of PropTech is bright and it is high time for real estate professionals and private landlords to see the potential of this domain.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Proptech?

The potential of PropTech is undeniable. Whenever we think about property, the first thought that comes to our head is how complicated it is. PropTech is the combination of cutting-edge software technology that helps simplify complex and complicated processes in the real estate industry. PropTech offers a range of benefits to property owners, managers, and real estate agents. Some of these benefits are as follows:


As a property buyer or property manager you would want transparency for all your transactions. Not just yours, but for other parties involved in a business transaction with you. Transparency is not a problem with PropTech. With cutting-edge technology, individuals can track their property transactions from the palms of their hands. This puts PropTech in high demand for property owners, landlords, property managers, and property buyers. 

Enhanced Communication

The opportunities and amenities included in PropTech software are endless. Both tenants and the property manager or landlord can easily see the condition and contents of any property through PropTech platforms, which expedites the lettings or purchase process.

PropTech enables the property inspection reports to be shared with relevant third parties for both electronic comment and/or electronic signature. Automated emails advise all parties of documents for their attention and alerts when the review process is complete.   

Better Management

Before technology came onto the scene, property managers had a hard time keeping track of their property portfolio. However, with technology, particularly with PropTech, property managers can now monitor the entire portfolio via dashboards. Key information can be displayed, filtered, and sorted. Inspection conducted throughout the course of a tenancy can be booked and monitored. Inspection reports are delivered in time frames previously unimaginable.

Relief from Age-Old Processes

When it comes to real estate, there is no denying that the processes are time-consuming if not complex. Especially in digital times where we rely on our phones for practically everything, these complicated tasks seem daunting.

However, with PropTech, individuals get a streamlined, simplified version of real estate processes such as renting, tracking, and exploring property listings on their smartphones. PropTech relieves individuals, property owners, and property managers from age-old real estate procedures.

Imfuna – Proptech Solution Provider

If you are looking for next-gen PropTech solutions, Imfuna is a PropTech company that specializes in streamlining real estate processes, including construction workflows, property surveying, and property letting. We have three cutting-edge software that helps property managers, residential and commercial surveyors, and builders modernize their work processes. Let’s discuss each software briefly.

Surveyor App

The Surveyor App by Imfuna is designed to help residential and commercial surveyors be RICS compliant and highly efficient. Built on next-gen technology, the application lets residential and commercial surveyors inspect properties by taking photos, audio notes, and survey notes directly from the app.

This helps residential and commercial surveyors to impart all of the necessary information regarding the inspection on a single app. And with its customizable templates, they can easily send complete inspection reports directly to buyers and their representatives.

Let App

Another application designed by Imfuna is the Let App. As the name suggests, this application is designed and developed to help letting agents, inventory clerks, and property inventory report service providers inspect the inventory of a property before check-in.

Based on cutting-edge software, this inventory app provides an all-in-one function to capture, write notes, and produce reports on a single app, helping professionals to assess conditions throughout the course of a tenancy agreement.

Construction Inspector App

A third app offered by Imfuna is Constructor Inspector App. This app is designed to help residential and commercial builders, contractors, and project managers streamline their workflow and track the progress of the construction. With its ready-to-use and customizable templates, this property inspection app simplifies inspection processes, flags processes that need attention, and records deficiencies.


Property Tech is the future, and the amenities and functions offered by this technology are sure to overtake the real estate market in the coming future. If you want to learn more about the software offered at Imfuna, contact us through our website.