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Which is better, to produce your inventory reports in house or outsource them to and independent inventory clerk?

In House vs Outsourced Inventories.

Howard Lester, Director of Balgores Property Group comments on the importance of inventories and the benefits of using Imfuna Let.
There are different definitions of this commonly used term in inventory and inspection reports, so what exactly is fair wear and tear?

What, Exactly, is Fair Wear and Tear?

The most common dispute between tenants and landlords is cleaning, which can be settled with a thorough inventory inspection report by Imfuna

Cleaning Disputes Up Almost 50% Over The Last Five Years

Cleaning Disputes Up Almost 50% Over The Last Five Years

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Time to Tech Action

Inventory and inspection reports must utilize digital trends to keep pace with the market

Viva Let Revolution

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Are You Going to Go My Way?

The City of London will be inundated with many short-term dwellers, prime time to use inventory and inspection app Imfuna

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