Imfuna Case Study: Monks Estate and Letting Agents

Monks Case Study Marie Brooks

We researched a lot of companies and we found Imfuna had everything we wanted within an inventory company. And the benefits and features they offered were more than we hoped for. Monks Estate and Lettings Agents were looking for a property inventory report software to save time, increase the transparency of their property inspection reports, as […]

Imfuna Spotlight: Vivien Marks

Imfuna Spotlight Vivien Marks

Technology should be used intelligently to create an imperative efficiency – there is enormous competition in business which must be counteracted in a methodical and ethical manner. The South African property market has recently reached a crossroads. Bogged down by the mire of an antiquated market, property technology – known by the industry buzz word […]

Four Crucial Details Missing from Most Inventory Reports

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Property inventory reporting may seem like a straightforward process, but there are a few simple steps that are often overlooked by both in-house property inspectors as well as independent inventory clerks. The team at Imfuna has compiled a list of 4 important details that are often left out of inventory reports so that you can be sure […]

2016 Proptech Year in Review

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by Michael Wolter Though the real estate market begrudgingly drags its feet…seismic changes in the industry are upon us. Though the real estate market begrudgingly drags its feet, proptech has started to appear in certain legacy practices; and because of this, seismic changes in the industry are upon us. In 2016, leaflets and classified ads […]

Imfuna Named Top 100 Proptech Brand

Onalytica PropTech Top 100 Influencers and Brands

by Michael Wolter Imfuna, maker of property inventory and inspection software, has been named one of the world’s Top 100 Proptech Brands by Onalytica. Proptech is a recent term that refers to technology that is created to improve and advance the property market. Onalytica’ PageRank based methodology has analysed 90 days’ worth of data, which included over […]

Starting the Proptech Fire

Imfuna Starts a Fire in Proptech

by Michael Wolter The property sector has historically been slow to adopt change. However, certain individuals have been able to successfully disrupt the market. One of those individuals is Jax Kneppers, who improved the market – and in a big way. The Original Disruptor Jax is a forensic engineer. Essentially, that means he inspects architectural structures that […]

Imfuna App Rescues Stranded Travelers in Rural Africa

Imfuna Mobile App Saves the Day

Were it not for Imfuna, although in unconventional fashion, I’m not sure what would have happened to us – nor do I like to imagine it. by Michael Wolter Your car breaks down in the middle of the South African wilderness, not far from the Botswana border. It is 40°C, the ground is so dry it […]

Imfuna Slider

Imfuna Slider Graphic

Slip-slidin’ away When your Aunt Mildred insisted on teaching you the Electric Slide at every. single. one. of your cousins’ weddings, you were probably less than excited. But ladies and gents, there’s a new slide in town: the Imfuna Slider, optimised for all your property inspections! The Imfuna Slider: What it is and How to Use it […]

Hotel Model Applied to Private Rental Sector

Hotel Imfuna

by Michael Wolter Hoteliers have begun to expand the idea of short-term, furnished accommodation to the private rental sector, reflecting an increased need for efficiency and digital capability. Gerard Greene, co-founder of Yotel, plans to use his new brand Society to simplify the rental process in the UK, reportsThe Negotiator. “To find an apartment, there is a […]

Imfuna Adding Costs

Imfuna Adding Costs Graphic

by Michael Wolter Today we are shining the spotlight on one of our lesser-know features: Adding Costs. We developed Adding Costs so that you, the Imfuna user, can list recommended repairs in a property as well as the cost of those repairs, all within your Imfuna reports. But the fun doesn’t stop there! You can also use […]