Imfuna Case Study: Curtain Wall Failure

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In our recent case studies, we have focused on how Imfuna’s surveyor and property inspection apps can help boost businesses and sole traders working in this industry. What we haven’t covered is the way Imfuna can help to solve single issues. That’s why in this month’s case study, we are going all the way to […]

Imfuna Case Study: Simon’s Story

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A lover of stories of sea adventures as a boy, his adult life had seen him wading into the world of letting properties. Before long, he was the proud owner of a successful letting agency that boasted a portfolio of over 1200 properties. He had built the business from scratch and was incredibly proud of […]

Imfuna Case Study: Leonard Property Group

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Leonard Property Group Across the United Kingdom, high-end property has been transformed due to the Leonard Property Group. The business plan sounds simple. Locate historic buildings that are currently unused and transform them into high specification homes that look and feel stunning. The reality though is far from simple. Historical buildings often come packed with […]

How to sell proptech

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by Michael Wolter Proptech companies, on the other hand, often position their technology centrally and market it as their primary USP. From their perspective, proptech companies provide value because of their technology, so it therefore becomes central to the sales pitch – it’s even half of the word “proptech.” And this pride in the technology […]

Will the Proptech Bubble Burst in 2018?

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by Michael Wolter Rewind approximately one or two years and you’ll see a proptech landscape that is in stark contrast to today. Technology solutions were present in the property market in marginal numbers, yet adoption was scarce and property stalwarts still prevailed with legacy models. However, thanks to a combination of top-tier proptech solutions and […]

Imfuna Case Study: ABC Property Shop

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This Liverpool property management company updated the way they collect a This Liverpool property management company updated the way they collect and store property data. However, ABC did not end up becoming users in 2008. At that time, mobile software was still in its infancy, and producing a report with such an extensive amount of information […]

Imfuna Free Infographic: Repairs and Proptech

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In September Fixflo released The Fixflo Report 2017, which was based on a survey of property and lettings professionals. While the property industry has historically been slow to adopt technology, there are signs that the majority opinion may be changing. We created the free infographic below with data from one of our integration partners, Fixflo, to show that perhaps the property […]

U.K. Government Tightening Grip on Agency Fees

Imfuna lettings agents receive potential increase in regulations from UK government

by Michael Wolter Government officials announced on 18 October that they plan to tighten the grip on property managers across the country, increasing the pressure on agency staff to find alternative ways to account for the fees they charge to tenants. The U.K. government has recently begun increasing the regulations on estate and letting agents, […]

Time Saving Success for Imfuna Clients

Conduct property inspections and surveys faster with Imfuna mobile apps and software

by Michael Wolter Does proptech actually offer time savings? And, if so, what does that mean for a business’ bottom line? Benefitting from Proptech Those with their ear to the ground in the property industry know that “proptech” is a buzzword for many professionals these days. There are countless proptech solutions on the market, each of which […]