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Starting the Proptech Fire

by Michael Wolter

The property sector has historically been slow to adopt change. However, certain individuals have been able to successfully disrupt the market. One of those individuals is Jax Kneppers, who improved the market – and in a big way.

The Original Disruptor

Jax is a forensic engineer. Essentially, that means he inspects architectural structures that have failed to work properly, anything from a leaky roof to a crumbling bridge, to find out what went wrong. Jax has performed thousands of inspections, which he used to accomplish by recording voice notes with a Dictaphone and taking photos with a digital camera. The recordings were later transcribed by an employee in the back office and the photos were downloaded to Jax’s computer from his camera; both the notes and photos were then compiled into a formal report, which could be used in court proceedings or for insurance claims.

This process was immensely inefficient. So Jax decided to change it.

A Simple Solution to Jax’s Property Inspection Needs

And that’s when things really got interesting.

Jax took a look around the market and realized that there wasn’t a product anywhere on the market that could do what he needed: speed up this archaic process while maintaining a robust product. He set out to develop a faster, easier, simpler way to produce his inspection reports. Jax enlisted the help of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest to get his idea off the ground, and together they developed a smartphone app called Imfuna to streamline the process.

That’s when things really got interesting.

The Proptech App with Global Appeal

As it turned out, forensic engineers were not the only professionals who needed a solution to a very similar problem. Word quickly caught on in the U.K., where a 2007 law had required an increased level of transparency in the property letting market ; one result was the suggestion of a detailed property inventory report. A new iteration of the Imfuna app was developed for the inventory report market and the rest, as they say, is history.

Not even the sky’s the limit.

Imfuna now stands on the precipice of greatness. The scalability and adaptability of Imfuna have it poised to be used in numerous additional fields – Jax himself has used it to inspect cars and produce travelogues of his vacations. Wherever an inspection is required, Imfuna can be used.

Not even the sky’s the limit.

Becoming the Best Property Management Software Around

You can’t get better than the best, and Imfuna’s property management software is the best in its class. We believe so strongly in Imfuna that we to prove it to you. Try Imfuna for 14 days, a full two weeks. Take photos, have your voice notes transcribed (performed by in-house, human transcribers – never machines), edit your reports with our cloud-based Imfuna Report Publisher. When you see how much easier Imfuna’s mobile property inspection apps can make your work day, you’ll never go back.

Imfuna has five property management apps:

  1. Imfuna Let – Digital property inventories for the lettings lifecycle (UK)
  2. Imfuna Rent – Digital inspections for the rentals lifecycle (US and South Africa)
  3. Imfuna Construction Inspector – Digital inspections for building construction, from start to finish
  4. Imfuna Home Inspector – Digital inspections for the residential or commercial property inspector (US and South Africa)
  5. Imfuna Surveyor – Digital surveys for the residential and commercial property surveyor (UK)

Imfuna: Embrace the Power of Digital in 2016.