Saving Students’ Contents from Harrowing Housing Horrors

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by Michael Wolter A university student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was renting privately in a 7 bedroom shared house in Birmingham. The house was still undergoing improvements when the lease was signed, but upon moving into the property and seeing that the size of one of the bedrooms was closer to a closet than […]

Imfuna Case Study: Bellvue Student Houses

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The Imfuna software makes it easy for the clerks to perform the inventories, which speeds up the whole process for us to analyse the data and therefore distribute it to our students. Student housing can present both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, with a high rate of occupancy and what tend […]

The Surprising Business Benefits of Going Green

Imfuna Going Green Graph

How being environmentally friendly will change the way you do business by Michael Wolter Today’s world is an eco world. What were once smokestacks pouring out pollution and reams of paper atop office desks are now government carbon emission regulations and paper-free office environments. Going green has gone from fad to standard in today’s world […]

The Wild, Untamed Android Jungle

Imfuna The Wild Untamed Android Jungle

by Michael Wolter Throughout history certain rivalries have waged on unresolved, and the tech world is no exception. There’s Star Wars versus Star Trek, Nintendo versus Sega, and likely the biggest tech rivalry of all, Apple versus Microsoft. The Apple versus Microsoft rivalry permeates into mobile devices as well. The two systems are vastly different, down to the […]

Imfuna Spotlight: Sarah Goddard

Imfuna EZ Property Reports

Trust your instincts, take risks and fight for what you believe in. At the center of the UK property market is London, the bustling capital that encompasses stereotypical high prices and the lightning-fast pace of every cosmopolitan European city. It is here that most of the UK’s highest-grossing property sales occur, as well as where […]

The Time for Proptech is Now

Embrace Technology with Imfuna

Part 4 in a 4 part series examining the next steps for proptech in 2017 by Michael Wolter Each day, proptech takes another step toward a full takeover of the property market. Deals are made, companies are bought and sold, and innovative new solutions break out onto the scene. Media outlets continue to write about […]

Smart Homes Need Smart Builders

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Part 3 in a 4 part series examining the next steps for proptech in 2017 by Michael Wolter Proptech is primed for a disruption in the construction and building markets. Despite the property market’s massive downturn in 2008, new homes are now being built at an increasing rate, showing that the building industry is keeping […]

Mining Millennials in Property Rentals

Imfuna Millennials and Proptech in Property Rentals

Part 2 in a 4 part series examining the next steps for proptech in 2017 by Michael Wolter Property is not just a transaction based on numbers and facts – it’s an industry in which emotions play a strong supporting role. As we outlined in our previous article Is Emotion Holding Back Proptech in Home Sales, […]

Is Emotion Holding Back Proptech in Home Sales?

Emotion and Proptech in Home Buying

Part 1 in a 4 part series examining the next steps for proptech in 2017 by Michael Wolter If 2016 was the year that proptech came to the foreground of the property scene, then 2017 will be the year proptech begins to show up in our lives. Like it or not, technology is quickly infiltrating the […]

Picture-Perfect Photos for Surveys and Property Inspections

Survey Inventory and Inspection Report Photo Tips

Lights, camera, action! A picture speaks a thousand words, and your survey, property inventory, and property inspection report photos should do just that – if not more. The TDS instructs, “To be considered useful as evidence, photographs should be of a good quality and are best embedded into the check-in/check-out report.” Using detailed photographs in your property […]