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Imfuna Case Study: ABC Property Shop

This Liverpool property management company updated the way they collect a

This Liverpool property management company updated the way they collect and store property data. However, ABC did not end up becoming users in 2008. At that time, mobile software was still in its infancy, and producing a report with such an extensive amount of information was simply not possible. However, since that time Imfuna has been engineering its property inspection software to keep pace with advances in mobile technology, and were happy to hear from ABC Property Shop recently that they were in the market for an updated way to produce their periodic reports and inventory reports.

Property Inspection with Imfuna

Clare Mason, manager at ABC Property Shop, tells us why they chose Imfuna as their mobile property inspection software:

We love Imfuna because when you go out to do a periodic inspection or an inventory you can’t miss anything. A lot of times, you run the risk of missing things. You go to the [Imfuna] software now and it’s very much an easy-to-use guide.

Clare also likes Imfuna’s Flag feature, which gives her staff an easy way to notate necessary repairs within a property:

We started to use one of your competitors, but they didn’t really give us the ability to flag any concerns or any repairs during an inspection. And, again, we had an issue with the number of photographs. With Imfuna, we can actually change the default options of the slider bar to adapt it to our specific needs, for example, to note who is responsible for a given repair, the tenant, the landlord, or unknown.

We can do a trade report as well. If we’ve got repairs, you just do a separate trade report for the repairs, which I think is really, really good. If we get repairs through from inspections, we depend on the photographs to show the repairs that need doing. Sometimes the inspectors would forget to take a photograph of a repair. This way if they Flag, they have to take a photograph with it. That tightens up that little loophole that we were having.

Tracking Refurbishments

Furthermore, Clare also appreciates that Imfuna gives her an easier way to keep track of refurbishment timelines:

We like the fact that where we’ve had properties that have had refurbishments, we can actually add the cost of that refurbishment onto the inventory. We also put the timescale of when carpets were replaced. It might say, “Carpet replaced before the tenancy started.” You can actually put that information in and how much it cost at that point, which is fantastic. Then at the point of vacation, you can actually work out what the wear and tear is because you know the date, instead of having to try and trace back to the original receipt of when that carpet was done. You’ve got that date straightaway on the inventory. That’s really, really handy.

Imfuna has always put its customers’ needs at the forefront of all its efforts, including our relationship with ABC Property Shop. To find out how Imfuna’s mobile property inspection software could change the way you do business, email us at