by Michael Wolter

Imfuna New York City Cost of Moving

Online property listing site SpareRoom recently reported that costs of moving in the U.K. city of London tend to total around £2,000.

The site lists the biggest contributors to the high price tag as the large amount of money required upfront for a new lease, which usually include the deposit and first month’s rent, in addition to fees paid to estate agents and the cost of moving companies.

London comes in above the national average at £2,043, where the rest of the U.K. tends to spend £1,175, SpareRoom reports.

One way landlords, tenants, and homebuyers can increase the efficiency of moving as well as protect valuable assets is a professional report that notates the condition of the property and all items within, such as the reports provided by the Imfuna suite of apps – more specifically, Imfuna Let (UK) and Imfuna Rent (US and South Africa). Reports are generated on either a smartphone or a tablet, using photographs and voice notes to detail the state of the property.

In America, in-state moves are slightly less expensive, coming in around $1,170, but if you’re crossing the state line then you should budget $5,630, according to the American Moving and Storage Association’s data from 2014.

Matt Hutchinson, director of SpareRoom, has been reported in online property publications in July 2016 as saying, “With renters having to find a new deposit before they get their old one back, many simply can’t afford to move. That can mean missing out on employment opportunities or having to put up with rent increases.”

In order to expedite the moving process, Imfuna Let and Imfuna Rent can be used to simplify and increase the efficiency of moving. By having a detailed report of the condition of your property when you leave, tenants can expect deposits back faster; Imfuna Let and Imfuna Rent expedite check-ins and check-outs to take note of a property’s condition from the moment you first cross the threshold to when you turn your key in the lock for the last time.

Have you started your moving to-do list? Make sure a detailed report of your home’s condition is at the top of that list, and make sure it comes from Imfuna Let or Imfuna Rent. To give Imfuna a test drive, go to and start your 14-day free trial.