Leonard Property Group

Across the United Kingdom, high-end property has been transformed due to the Leonard Property Group.

The business plan sounds simple.

Locate historic buildings that are currently unused and transform them into high specification homes that look and feel stunning.

The reality though is far from simple. Historical buildings often come packed with issues, making an accurate and informative survey report essential.

One thing that the Leonard Property Group are known for is producing work that is of the highest professionalism. From Dundee to Liverpool, the team at Leonard Property Group have transformed old buildings into homes.

But for a while, something wasn’t right.

What They Do

Leonard Property Group transforms buildings.

Whether for rental or for sale, historical buildings are converted and turned into assets for their portfolio.

From social housing and buy-to-lets to multiple occupancy homes and flats, Leonard Property Group take these buildings and turn them into something special.

Every conversion they undergo is done with the utmost care that every precaution is being made to create the perfect home for whoever the residents will be.

Of course, with historical buildings, the safety of the structure is important.

This leads me to the surveys.

The Difficulties of Historical Survey Reports

When looking into the possibility of converting a historical building, there aren’t many things that are more important than a survey.

Historical buildings are often built differently, with materials that aren’t commonly used anymore, and this can lead to many issues.

When converting these buildings, Leonard Property Group had to take into account the condition of the building.

Of course, the last thing they wanted was to rent out or sell a home to someone that wasn’t structurally sound.

Surveys for these high-spec renovations can be long, with lots of different areas to focus on, and filling all of this detail into a report was troublesome.

The Issues with Survey Reporting

Firstly, creating the reports took time.

Uploading pictures, transferring information and inputting data was an arduous task that was eating into their inspector’s time.

Writing reports was eating away into the time that could have been scouting new projects and carrying out other business work.

Secondly, the reports didn’t represent the brand. They looked unprofessional and weren’t in line with the meticulous approach that the company always offered.

Leonard Property Group needed a solution, and they found one in Imfuna.

Suddenly everything changed. Creating reports became quick and easy, and the reports themselves looked stunning.

Want to know what happened?

Imfuna Surveyor App

What Leonard Property Group needed was an app that could help them produce stunning reports in an instant.

With Imfuna, both issues of the time it took to complete reports, and how professional they looked, were immediately eradicated.

As the inspector surveyed the house, every issue was immediately recorded, every picture uploaded, and every note jotted down.

No matter the size and scope of the building, our flexible technology meant a survey could be written up on the go. As soon as the inspector left the building, the report was written and sent back to head office.

Now, instead of spending hours writing and formatting the report, the inspector could be on to the next job.

Not a second was wasted.

But were the reports as professional as Leonard’s wanted?

You bet!

Every report that was written was automatically fit to a format and standard that was professional, articulate and clear.

With the help of Imfuna surveyor app, Leonard Property Group could now provide all clients with an in-depth report that was as high spec as the homes they were selling.

How Imfuna Helped Leonard Property Group

Using Imfuna allowed Leonard Property Group to excel in producing survey reports in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Donna Riseborough, senior property manager with Leonard says ‘I would just like to say a big thank you to all of the Imfuna team, who have been extremely helpful and attentive since we joined Imfuna.’

And the progress that has followed since the adoption of Imfuna surveying software has led to new avenues, including an exciting and extremely rewarding contract with Edinburgh council where anyone referred to the property group will be offered homes.

‘We are really proud of this at Leonard Property Group’ said Donna, ‘there is no doubt that Imfuna will really help us in the processions of these clients. The Imfuna surveyor app has been a tremendous asset to our business’.

With high-quality reports made in a fraction of the time, Imfuna has allowed Leonard Property Group to take on more work and produce more reports without ever sacrificing on professionalism and quality.

Imfuna Surveyor App for You

If this story sounds familiar to you, then Imfuna could have the perfect technology for your business.

If you want to see what we can do, get in touch today, and see how we can make report writing quicker and easier than ever before.