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The Property Inspection App Built for Property Professionals

Built for letting agents, property inventory report service providers, and inventory clerks to conduct property inventories and property inspections. Harnesses the power of current smartphones, tablets, and cloud technology to drive your inventory report and property inspection process.

Unifies Property Inspection Process with Mobile Inspections

Conduct full property inventories, check ins, and periodic or midterm inspections with the Imfuna mobile app. At the check out inspection conduct side by side comparison inspections right on your smartphone or tablet and generate comparison reports to easily highlight changes over time.

Comprehensively Compliant
Mobile Property Inspections

The Imfuna Let inspection and inventory app provides simple tenancy deposit scheme compliance, comprehensive property inspection data in hours, transcribed dictations from your mobile device, fully customised branded property inspection and inventory reports, and a property report history that's available 24/7.

Introduction to Imfuna Video

A short video to introduce you to the Imfuna solution. Click on the image to launch video.

Inspection Cycle Imfuna

Initial Inspections
to Establish a Baseline

Establish the property baseline condition
• Inventory
• Check In
• Homes Fitness for Human Habitation (HFFHH)

•1-Touch Derivative Reports

Recurring Inspections
for Change Detection

Use the Imfuna Reinspect feature to track change over time
• Mid-Term / Periodic
• Daily Walk Arounds
• Maintenance
• Property Management
• Check Out

New User Free Trial Available

• No Payment details needed to activate the trial
• No Contract to sign to activate the trial

Define Your Subscription
to Match Your Business Needs

Free up to:

500 MB data processing
15 minutes of auto-transcription
14 days of User Experience

Templates Click

Templates as a Guide

A series of global templates, both RICS and bespoke layouts, for fast startup.

  • Readily create your own on the platform or using spreadsheets
  • Standard notes & diagrams can be easily added to any section
  • Control the slider values to reflect condition or any other category
  • Define look-up table values
  • Establish rapid text short codes to speed data capture
Camera Click

Photos Across App

Numerous photo capabilities are available to best depict your observations.

  • Unlimited photos
  • Markup photos to draw attention
  • Caption the photos for added detail
  • Automatic metadata of date, time, and location
  • Auto-number the photos with a single click
  • Bring in photos from your device camera roll
Property Dashboard Click

Property Dashboard

Your property database is always accessible, searchable, organised, and secure via any web browser.

  • Monitor all survey activity across your account
  • Track specific surveys through the survey process
  • Find properties or surveys with search tools
  • Filter and sort on your properties or surveys
  • Extract your reports to a spreadsheet
Data Capture Click

Efficient Data Capture

Numerous data captrue techniques are offered in the solution:


  • Photos
  • Notes (dictate, type, talk-to-text)
  • Note groups (interrelated note elements)
  • Rapid text standard phrases
  • Slider ratings for condition or other
  • Flag for attention
  • Auto-populate summary tables​
Dictate Transcribe Click

Imfuna Transcription

Imfuna Transcription means you never have to type again!

  • Dictation enables you to keep your eyes up to efficiently capture your observations
  • Imfuna transcription team operates 24/7/365
  • Amazing turnaround times to take your dictations into finished notes
  • Month-over-month accuracy rate of over 99%
Reports Share Click

Report Publishing

Preview and publish RICS and bespoke survey layouts with ease.

  • Preview the survey in-app or via a web browser
  • Verify, edit, and refine your content prior to publishing
  • Define unlimited report layouts to meet varying client needs
  • Auto-publish option as you leave the property
  • Electronically share for review and signature
Cloud Click

Highly Secure Database

No infrastructure investment, maintenance, or administration on your part.

  • Highly secure environment
  • Cloud computing and storage
  • Unlimited storage of survey data
  • Scalable to handle your survey repository as it grows
  • Surveys available 24/7/365 from any web browse
CPD Click

Provisioning & Training

With your Imfuna subscription you get a dedicated training and support team and a deep knowledge base.

  • Start-up instructional videos
  • CPD-certified training
  • Illustrated guides
  • Responsive support via email & phone

Residential Home Inspection

Imfuna’s mission is to make it easier for you to provide your clients with the highest-quality service. We understand your time is precious, so we’ve built a tool that makes it simple for you to get the job done right. Whether you’re inspecting a property as a full inventory, for a check-in, an interim property management visit, or a check-out, our app allows you to quickly gather all the necessary information without worrying about missing anything important.

We make it easy to manage your inspections during the lifecycle of a letting, keep track of the full property portfolio, and reduce administrative overhead so you can focus on what matters most: helping your clients peace of mind knowing that the property is being properly looked after.

Home inspections are a necessary to ensure that your property investment is not at risk. You want to know the condition of your home before you buy it, but the thought of trudging through all the rooms, taking measurements and pictures, and filling out forms can be overwhelming.

We’re here to help! With Imfuna, you can conduct a comprehensive inspection as you walk through the property. Upload the inspection for a final review, making any final edits as needed, and then publish the finished report. You can send a link to the final report via email. You can also electronically share out the report for electronic signature or for on-line comment.

Imfuna provides everything you need: photos, photos with mark-up, full notes tyoed or dictated, descriptions of problems, assignment of a trade and recommendations for repairs and maintenance. Because we know that every house is different, we also offer out-the-box inspection templates and the ability to create any bespoke template for your home inspection needs.

We have also added the ability to assign costs to any observations you make. By room we summarise the costs in the report and provide a full cost summary at the end of the report.

The Imfuna solution is designed to support the residental home inspection needs of property portfolio managers, or third party firms responsible for inspecting large portfolios.

We’ve created an app that will walk you through your residential home inspection quickly and easily so that you can track the condition and contents of any property and track any change over time. With our reinspect option you can conduct side-by-side inspections and produce compelling side-by-side reports that show change over time. This puts all parties on the same page and enables discussion on what is acceptable wear and tear or how to address any noted damages.