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The Imfuna’s Survey app, a Property Surveyor App, enables you to capture your survey notes, annotated photos and audio dictation onto a single smart device, providing you with the ability to remotely send the survey information back to your office for the survey report to be produced.


Use Imfuna's pre-defined survey templates or create your own survey formats. Templates include a comprehensive set of details relating to the external and internal elements of the property, all of which can be easily customised to your requirements.


Control the content, layout, and branding of your reports and have the ability to produce different report formats for the same survey, dependent upon company and client requirements.

Introduction to Imfuna Video

A short video to introduce you to the Imfuna solution. Click on the image to launch video.

Residential Surveying Software

Imfuna offers a variety of bespoke survey types, including:
• Valuation
• Schedule of Condition
• Building Survey
• Dilapidations
• Snag List
• Daily Report
• Data Pins on Drawings

You can edit any of the bespoke layouts
Easy tools available to build your own survey templates
Create a bespoke template on-the-fly in the App

Commercial Surveys

As with our residential offerings, surveys for commercial buildings can be built in a bespoke format to depict every relevant area, space, and item for both unique building types/ envelopes to common building types/ envelopes, all with the benefit of digital efficiencies.

Commercial surveyors may also want to perform more in-depth analysis across building portfolios to:
• Building Survey and Dilapidations
• Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) allocations
• Establish reserve funds
• Reinstatement Costing
• Development Monitoring
• Pre-Lease, Pre-Acquisition, Pre-Disposal

To facilitate deeper analysis we offer:
• A comprehensive digital data repository accessible from any browser
• Spreadsheet export to further sort, filter, and analyse
• A robust Application Programming Interface (API) to extract all survey data into other business tools within your firm

RICS1 Enhanced Click
RICS Level 2 w Enh Click
RICS Level 2 Val Enh Click
RICS Level 3 w Enh Click

New User Free Trial Available

• No Payment details needed to activate the trial
• No Contract to sign to activate the trial

The RICS report forms will be unlocked in the free trial by contacting and providing your RICS license number and HBR number.

Define Your Subscription
to Match Your Business Needs

Free up to:

500 MB data processing
15 minutes of auto-transcription
14 days of User Experience

Templates Click

Templates as a Guide

A series of global templates, both RICS and bespoke layouts, for fast startup.

  • Readily create your own on the platform or using spreadsheets
  • Standard notes & diagrams can be easily added to any section
  • Control the slider values to reflect condition or any other category
  • Define look-up table values
  • Establish rapid text short codes to speed data capture
Camera Click

Photos Across App

Numerous photo capabilities are available to best depict your observations.

  • Unlimited photos
  • Markup photos to draw attention
  • Caption the photos for added detail
  • Automatic metadata of date, time, and location
  • Auto-number the photos with a single click
  • Bring in photos from your device camera roll
Property Dashboard Click

Property Dashboard

Your property database is always accessible, searchable, organised, and secure via any web browser.

  • Monitor all survey activity across your account
  • Track specific surveys through the survey process
  • Find properties or surveys with search tools
  • Filter and sort on your properties or surveys
  • Extract your reports to a spreadsheet
Data Capture Click

Efficient Data Capture

Numerous data captrue techniques are offered in the solution:

  • Photos
  • Notes (dictate, type, talk-to-text)
  • Note groups (interrelated note elements)
  • Rapid text standard phrases
  • Slider ratings for condition or other
  • Flag for attention
  • Auto-populate summary tables​
Dictate Transcribe Click

Imfuna Transcription

Imfuna Transcription means you never have to type again!

  • Dictation enables you to keep your eyes up to efficiently capture your observations
  • Imfuna transcription team operates 24/7/365
  • Amazing turnaround times to take your dictations into finished notes
  • Month-over-month accuracy rate of over 99%
Reports Share Click

Report Publishing

Preview and publish RICS and bespoke survey layouts with ease.

  • Preview the survey in-app or via a web browser
  • Verify, edit, and refine your content prior to publishing
  • Define unlimited report layouts to meet varying client needs
  • Auto-publish option as you leave the property
  • Electronically share for review and signature
Cloud Click

Highly Secure Database

No infrastructure investment, maintenance, or administration on your part.

  • Highly secure environment
  • Cloud computing and storage
  • Unlimited storage of survey data
  • Scalable to handle your survey repository as it grows
  • Surveys available 24/7/365 from any web browse
CPD Click

Provisioning & Training

With your Imfuna subscription you get a dedicated training and support team and a deep knowledge base.

  • Start-up instructional videos
  • CPD-certified training
  • Illustrated guides
  • Responsive support via email & phone

Professional Home Surveys with Imfuna Surveyor

Imfuna Surveyor has been a trusted home survey app for over a decade and is the perfect tool to use for efficient, comprehensive and highly detailed residential or commercial surveys. So whether you’re looking to conduct RICS Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 surveys, ISVA, RPSA surveys, or to conduct bespoke surveys of unique properties to capture unique survey inspection observations, Imfuna should be your choice of software.
By utilising Imfuna Surveyor quick capture tools, our rapid fire camera to capture unlimited photos with the most accurate credible level of metadata in the industry or Imfuna industry leading dictation and transcription service with highest level accuracy and average sub 2 hour return time of your dictations, our Inspection software and supporting web report editor, publisher and database will help you do so in the most productive, fastest way you will have ever experienced.

Our survey application helps you manage your projects from start to finish: planning the survey, collecting data, and analyzing the results, and publishing your final Survey reports. And we do it all in real-time.

We know that running your own business is hard work—we’ve been there. That’s why we designed our software with you in mind: it’s simple enough for a beginner yet powerful enough for a pro. It’s built to help you get your job done quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on what matters most—building relationships with clients while delivering superior results.

The Imfuna Survey Software is a professional surveying application that makes it easy for you to do your job. It helps you plan and execute surveys for various uses, including a home survey, with or without a valuation, home improvement projects, and full construction projects.

By performing more accurate and efficient surveys, surveying professionals can use the Imfuna Surveyor Software to save time and money.

Imfuna is a Survey Hub that lets you work smarter and faster. The surveys you conduct using RICS Level 1, level 2, and level 3 report templates, or any bespoke template place all your survey photos, notes, dictations, in the right place as you survey the property. Once your survey is uploaded your report is nearly complete. Verify the survey data you captured which has all your data in the right place. No need to upload all your photos from a camera and place them in the right location. All your notes are in the right place. Simply reflect on the survey data you captured, make any needed edits and then publish your finished survey report.

Whether you’re just starting or have been doing this for years—Imfuna has something for everyone!