Trust your instincts, take risks and fight for what you believe in.

At the center of the UK property market is London, the bustling capital that encompasses stereotypical high prices and the lightning-fast pace of every cosmopolitan European city. It is here that most of the UK’s highest-grossing property sales occur, as well as where advances in property management technology are invented, tested, and implemented, all at a startling pace.

Where better to embrace the fusion of property and technology, aka proptech, and use it to your advantage? That’s just what London-based EZ Property Reports has with Imfuna’s mobile app, Imfuna Let, to produce inventory, check-in, mid-term, and check-out reports. We shine our Imfuna Spotlight on Sarah Goddard of EZ Property Reports to get a peek at what makes EZ seem so – well, easy – as well as how Goddard views her own role in the market today.

Who are you? What’s your job?

Sarah Goddard, Partner at EZ Property Reports

EZ have an impressive staff of professional, well qualified inventory clerks. How do you ensure you always get the best people for the job?

At EZ Property Reports, we pride ourselves in only appointing highly trained and experienced Inventory Clerks. The clerks on the EZ Property Reports panel are either APIP (Association of Professional Inventory Providers) members or student members, working towards full membership, who we then fully support through their education and exams. We have an extensive in-house training process that clerks follow through before acting on our behalf.

How does EZ’s extensive training turn into value for your clients?

Our training is crucial to the industry. Our reports not only detail the exact condition of a property with a wealth of evidential photographs, leaving no room for dispute at the end of the tenancy, but we also flag any compliance issue within our reports to protect both landlord and tenant when it comes to health and safety.

EZ has been using Imfuna for some time now. What do you see as the best benefits that Imfuna offers the inventory report market?

The dictation function within Imfuna enables our clerks to carry out multiple appointments per day, as opposed to using frustrating predefined dictionaries and templates that so many other apps have to offer.

Let’s shift gears. The property industry has traditionally had more men than women in it. As a female in business, what do you feel are the greatest challenges women face in pursuing leadership roles today?

There are many challenges women face in pursuing leadership roles within business today, however I believe society is more accepting of women in these roles. The property industry is a male-dominated industry and I will be honest in saying that it can be unnerving networking with an abundance of the opposite sex. However, as long as you remind yourself that you are equally as capable then this should not be an issue. If you keep a positive attitude and demand to be treated fairly, there are plenty of opportunities out there for women.

Last question. What advice can you give for those who wish pursue leadership roles in business?

Leadership, in my opinion, is to be inspiring, be able to delegate, communicate effectively, respect and influence others, have vast knowledge and experience in what you do, and be prepared to not stop learning and educate those around you. Trust your instincts, take risks and fight for what you believe in.

Imfuna Property Management Software

Imfuna has always been proud of the benefits we can offer to our clients with our property management software, which are all designed to help them breathe a little easier in their work life. Imfuna is even prouder of the benefits we can offer people – like giving our clients the tools to work independently while also providing their customers with a highly professional product they can be proud of. We enjoy building new features on the Imfuna Report Publisher or streamlining the Imfuna apps; but it’s making a difference for our clients that stands at the center of what we do. It’s what we love, it’s why we work, and it’s why we will always strive to deliver the best product we can to our customers.

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