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Allow Imfuna To Help You Achieve your goals

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In the digital world, it’s often the smallest elements that hold the most transformative potential. A checkbox, for example, is more than just a small square on your screen. It’s a symbol of decision, empowerment, and part of any data capturing toolbox. For instance, consider the checkbox you check agreeing to the terms of your […]

Risk How to Manage

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The nature of all business includes risk and importantly risk assessment. Successful businesses utilise a number of tools to manage risk in the pursuit of success, profit and avoiding expensive litigation. Consider a consulting firm in the business of evaluating the building envelope for a high rise building. Future failures of the building envelope could […]

Engagement with Technology

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What constitutes the right level of engagement in a business environment as it relates to technology.As important as technological development is, it can be overwhelming.Workplace demands for adopting technology can be challenging.This can be compounded by the introduction of new technologies requiring training and experience. LETS ARRANGE A QUICK CHAT Some valuable lessons we have […]

 How do we gain your Trust? 

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Trust once established, leads to outcomes that exceed what the customer could have achieved solely.We recognize that our commitment to our clients is core to a successful working relationship, and essential for long term partnership. We seek to establish communications which include formal as well as informal sharing of meaningful and timely information. We base […]

 Features that Matter

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Finding the right features to match real world use and application is a challenging path. The range of requirements within each profession is broad. Imfuna has incorporated the most important features based on a decade of research and feedback from our clients. A sample of some key Imfuna features that have been widely adopted:Photo markups […]

Historical Buildings deserve special Love


Historical buildings present owners/ landlords with a special set of challenges not least of all; * Special materials and finishes* Disabled access* Inefficient or dated mechanical and electrical systems* Life safety* Limitations related to Jurisdictional/ Historical Regulations* Adopting for modern use/ tenancy occupation LETS ARRANGE A QUICK CHAT Landlords, Property Managers, Tenants share a pool […]

High Rise Buildings, High Risk

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High rise buildings present a unique set of risks. By definition tall buildings incorporate complex building elements, each presenting a special set of challenges for the Landlord/ Property Manager. Each building element requires unique attention from design phase, construction to ongoing service through the useful life of the building. Imfuna provides a powerful tool that […]

Structural Retrofit

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Buildings shift and move over time. Perhaps you’ve noticed the cracks in the walls of your own home! Structural retrofits are commonplace in both newer and older structures. The reasons for repair are many fold; often driven by concern for safety, soil movement, structural deficiencies, or issues related to long term performance of an existing […]

Test Protocol Challenges


Allow Imfuna To Help You Achieve your goals Every test protocol incorporates specific data inputs to validate the findings. Failure to complete all the detailed requirements can invalidate the report, resulting in frustration, expense and perhaps litigation. Why risk this from happening to you? Imfuna provides the tools and platform to address this risk.Consider a […]

Robust Data Prevails…and Saves Millions

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Allow Imfuna To Help You Achieve your goals Have you ever been caught in a situation where someone in an important meeting or testifying at trial says something you know to be inherently wrong? Do you have the tools and information at hand to respond in a compelling and persuasive way? Here is a real […]