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Imfuna Case Study: Simon’s Story

Simon’s Story

A lover of stories of sea adventures as a boy, his adult life had seen him wading into the world of letting properties.

Before long, he was the proud owner of a successful letting agency that boasted a portfolio of over 1200 properties. He had built the business from scratch and was incredibly proud of his achievements, but soon enough something felt like it was missing.

Growing His Letting Business

The early days of operating a business fulfilled the sense of adventure that Simon had felt since he was a young boy reading of pirates and crashing waves.

The days were long but were filled with enthusiasm for growing the business. Before long came more properties, more staff, and more work.

Simon thrived on the positive feedback his business was achieving. Landlords and tenants alike were all pleased with the impeccable work Simon’s business offered, which only strengthened his desire to provide value and seek perfection in his, and his company’s work.

The work his business carried out consisted of all-day inspections that were carried out with the aim of capturing data on a property that reflected its condition at the point of check-in and check-out.

Simon enjoyed …

Historical Building

Imfuna Case Study: Leonard Property Group

Leonard Property Group

Across the United Kingdom, high-end property has been transformed due to the Leonard Property Group.

The business plan sounds simple.

Locate historic buildings that are currently unused and transform them into high specification homes that look and feel stunning.

The reality though is far from simple. Historical buildings often come packed with issues, making an accurate and informative survey report essential.

One thing that the Leonard Property Group are known for is producing work that is of the highest professionalism. From Dundee to Liverpool, the team at Leonard Property Group have transformed old buildings into homes.

But for a while, something wasn’t right.

What They Do

Leonard Property Group transforms buildings.

Whether for rental or for sale, historical buildings are converted and turned into assets for their portfolio.

From social housing and buy-to-lets to multiple occupancy homes and flats, Leonard Property Group take these buildings and turn them into something special.

Every conversion they undergo is done with the utmost care that every precaution is being made to create the perfect home for whoever the residents will be.

Of course, with historical buildings, the safety of the structure is important.

This leads me to the surveys.


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